Land Resource Guide

Land Resource Guide

100s+ Questions You Need
to KNOW the ANSWERS to       
    … and where to FIND Them

For all Land: vacant, commercial, residential, agricultural, community, industrial, institutional, business parks, etc…
….with or without homes, barns and other buildings,

For all kinds of users: Communities, Campuses, Cooperatives, Shared Interests, Investor, Farmers, Families, and for Individuals.

For all people: Land Seekers, “Owners”, Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Guardians, and Wannabees.

With 164 pages of Questions and Forms for printing plus informative and entertaining 500 live links that accompany 199 pages of Basics and 149 supplemental Appendices pages for computer viewing and/or optional printing. This Mixed Media Guide is a beautiful and valuable education & experience to KNOW your OPTIONS for BETTER CHOICES in your Life for all who walk the Land.

This Guide is based on my 30+ year formal education, professional career, and direct personal experience in real estate evaluation, acquisition, brokerage, law, taxation, planning, architectural and engineering design, hands-on construction and development, as well as their management, and financing; completed in conventional and alternative analysis and proven successful implementations.

Land Resource Guide is a download-able E-book for computer reading or printable Guide at a donate-able value of your choice, including "Paying It Forward" with conscious random act of Kindness, or both. :>)

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